The Big World of Branding Interview



As well as launching the new brand identity for The Creative Copywriter this week, I also gave an interview on branding.

Branding Confusion

Branding can often be confused with design, however I delve deeper in a recent interview with The Creative Copywriter on the big world of branding.

Points I cover

• What is branding?
• What makes a brand powerful?
• Why is branding so important for startups and why should they invest?
• How does the importance of branding differ for SMEs?
• What are the initial steps in the branding process?
• How important is a customer profile?
• How does a brand strategy translate into a visual identity?
• How should business goals connect to customer goals?
• When and why should a company rebrand? What are the key signs that it’s time to do so?
• Results vs Personal Taste: How do you manage the client’s vision vs what actually works?
• How do you manage expectations?
• Branding vs re-branding: How does the process differ?
• What are some good online and offline resources that companies can use to help the branding process?

Want to learn more?

To understand branding better head over to the full interview here!

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