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through clarity & craft.

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We create the unusual to help you do just that, whilst starting out from a solid strategic basis, to impact the bottom line.

This helps us deliver both clarity & craft with every project, ensuring your branding attracts top employees, seduces your customers and fuels your growth.

We work with post investment start-ups and SMEs in the industries of fashion, food & hospitality and travel & tourism.

Our specialism is brand identity design but do offer other services.



Muneebah did a brand audit for my cosmetics company. She helped to clarify the abstract concepts I had within my brand values and gave a detailed assessment how my target audience may behave and engage as a result of these values. I now have greater wealth of knowledge of where my focus as a CEO needs to be, to get my customer focus where I want it to be.
Muneebah helped me realise during her audit there are hard questions I need to ask for my brand to stay on track. We discussed brand voice, and public relations on a deeper level than I have achieved with anyone. She is a mastermind who I look forward to working with in the future lifetime of my business.
Aeysha Ahmed
Business Owner & Graduate of Global Health and Social Medicine

Muneebah is an extremely creative and highly-skilled graphic designer and branding specialist. I was involved in writing copy for Muneebah at Zamir Telecom, and worked closely with her on the re-branding of SimpleCall, for which she played a huge role in creating and shaping the brand identity. Being involved in the project, I got to witness Muneebah’s passion, determination and talent. Every single design-related aspect of the brand, including the cleverly-connected logos, the font type, the illustration style, the inventive way of launching the brand and even the new office interiors, was thought out thoroughly by Muneebah and designed in a way that would always stay true to the core principals underlying the brand. She also gave very productive feedback when dealing with the copy, which allowed us to progress quickly and achieve the desired result. I was very impressed with the overall branding of SimpleCall, and with the work that Muneebah did to make it happen.
Konrad Sanders
The Creative Copywriter - Founder/ Creative Director/ Copywriter

Muneebah is one of the most talented, hardworking, organised and creative designers I have worked with throughout my career. Her attention to detail, lateral thinking, design knowledge, deep comprehension of branding are commendable. She was instrumental on the entire re-brand of simplecall from initial concepts through to execution. She is both strategic and tactical.
Muneebah developed the brand strategy for the re-launch of simplecall and was responsible for organising the internal brand launch including associated collateral. This included: design of all related collateral; copy editing for the brand guidelines and programme guide; installation concept and direction; and design of office interiors. She has presence of mind which enables problem solving, multitasking as well as executing to a high standard.
Muneebah is a valued member of my team and a pleasure to work with.

Abdul Hamid Ebrahim
Zamir Telecom - Marketing Advisor - Strategy & Planning, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Muneebah is a talented and strategic-thinking designer with a broad understanding of brand building. I supported Muneebah in preparations for the launch of the SimpleCall brand and was impressed by her ability to translate intelligent strategy and customer profiling into coherent brand expression and elegant presentation.
Paul Gallagher
PGA Branding - Creative Director / Senior Designer

Muneebah is a super talented individual with the ability to not only help progress a project but inspire and contribute massively. Muneebah has excellent vision in the process and production of animated videos being honest yet critical in good design. Working with Muneebah has not only built a great relationship but also bonded great creative relationships between two company's. Her skills are many but range from excellent graphic design, precise creative direction, illustration & direct sound production. Her skills are undeniable valuable to any project and here at 2073 we can't wait till the next.
Paul Smyth
twentyseventythree - Director

Muneebah was referred to my Co-Founder Suzanne Noble & I subsequently phoned her and explained what we needed. I was very impressed with her professional attitude and she quickly jumped to the top of the shortlist. After meeting her there was no shortlist! Muneebah takes a holistic approach to logo creation & brand identity - she really wants to know the business and its goals before she begins work - which means the creative direction she takes really does grow organically from the business itself (as opposed to what the designer thinks is "cool" or "pops"). Both Suzanne & I are very pleased with her work & will definitely go back to her for any further design work! Thanks Muneebah!
Tikiri Hulugalle
Co-Founder at Frugl Ltd / Web Developer

“We were referred to Muneebah by an active member of London's Start-Up community when I asked him if he knew anyone who could help my business Frugl with a new brand identity. Muneebah really rose to the challenge, working closely with us to create a new look and feel for Frugl, including a logo redesign and bespoke iconography. Her work was exemplary and, as a result, we asked her to help us with our website redesign, stationary and other assets. She's incredibly thorough, very creative and experienced. Both myself and my co-founder Tikiri are very pleased with what she has achieved and I have since recommended her to quite a few other people seeking a new brand identity.”
Suzanne Noble
Co-Founder Advantages of Age | Entrepreneur | PR Coach | Creative Visionary | Advisor | Mentor | Power Networker

“This was the first time I worked with Mueenbah and I was really impressed by her. I needed to have a prospectus for Makers Academy be designed within a week and be sent to the printers. Muneebah was great at turning this around very quickly by working with our brand guidelines. We had it all printed and it all looked amazing. I'm looking forward to working with Muneebah again.”
Arfah Farooq
Winston Churchill Fellow, Co-Founder of Muslamic Makers, Marketing Consultant

Well, you have done it! Congrats! If you are reading this looking for a design studio that covers branding in all its areas like strategy, design, and messaging then you have found THE ONE. Muneebah Creative took my branding project and boosted it to the stratosphere. If this was a game of The Highlander then Muneebah Creative would be the last one standing. Now do the right thing and give MC a chance to make you look like a hero.
Josh Lopez
Development Director at #0f Development

I had the opportunity to learn from Muneebah about her work process and unique approach to design which is highly strategic, she works by thought and not emotion which I find really important in design, where many tend to let their own taste or emotion sometimes dictate something that isn't supporting the end-user needs. I love for example the solution in #0f project and how such a creative work came from such "analytic" thinking, this goes to show - when done right, "cold data" can lead to emotional design.
Adam Ohev Ami
Brand Communications Manager at Leaseweb

We believe all brands need these. All branding experts should achieve these. And we will strive to offer these to you and your clients every single day. With every project.

Aspirational Invention

DREAM BIG. Take creative risks. Follow gut instincts. Explore new channels of thought. And strive to transcend creative boundaries, far beyond the problem-solving stage.

Without ambitious innovation, brands become
stale. Stagnated. Ordinary. Substandard.

Emotional Architecture

BUILD EMOTIONS. Pour your heart into every structure. Evoke heartbeats and smiles in those who experience your business. Provoke inspiration, joy, delight and marvel. Emotional connection creates
customer infatuation. Brand obsession. Lifelong loyalty.

With no passion or emotional evocation, brands become
tired. Lifeless. Detached. Forgettable.

Conceptual Excavation

Dig deep. Unearth and connect meaning to style. Relevance to brand design. Substance to detail. And wherever appropriate, provoke intellectual stimulation. To challenge, intrigue, fascinate and captivate.

Devoid of meaning and depth, brands become
superficial.Plastic. Gimmicky. Hollow.

Playful Exploration

SEARCH INQUISTIVELY. Curiously. Mischievously. Allow the mind to escape and wonder. Be the music makers. Be the dreamers of dreams. An adventurous and playful spirit provides a hotbed for EXCEPTIONAL CREATIVITY ENTHUSIASM. UNIQUE BRAND PERSONALITY.

With a lack of curiosity and a sense of fun, brands remain boring. Reserved. Corporate. Wooden.