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Branding 101: Perfect launchpad For your business

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We get it. As a start-up owner you have a million questions swirling around your head.

"Why is my target audience is not responding to my brand?" - "Not sure how to stand out in a crowded market?" - "Why doesn't my brand look and feel like the Uber's and AirBnBs of this world?"

Sound familiar?

I'm sold, sign me up!

First of all: relax. You're in the same boat as every other start-up and small business owner in this world.

But that's all the more reason to make the right decisions now. Because competition is fierce. And in order to swerve the 98% failure rate, you'll need to understand and successfully apply the 6 keys of brand strategy as early in your journey as possible.

Subscribe to our 6-week FREE Branding 101 E-Course today in order to equip yourself with:

  • Week One: Defining your Purpose
  • Week Two: Knowing Your Audience
  • Week Three: Creating Values
  • Week Four: Knowing Your Objectives
  • Week Five: Finding Your Audience
  • Week Six: The Time To Take Action

Looking forward to teaching you our tricks!


Anyone wanting to learn more about branding beyond design.

  • If you are a startup or small business this course is a great launching pad to kick start your business.
  • If you are a larger business but want to dip your toe first, this is a great way to get a taster on what is expanded on in our brand strategy workshops.

Strategic branding is the best way to have the future built into your brand.