Virgin Startup Partnership

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We are pleased to announce we are now officially a trusted partner with Virgin Startup.

Exciting news!

We have been working hard over the past year and are pleased to join forces with Virgin Startup.

This multi-tiered partnership is blossoming in three main areas.

Firstly from October 2021, our founder is now a mentor for Virgin Startup businesses. Muneebah supports both quarterly national Growth Programme accelerator and monthly Greater London Step-up Programme accelerator, to help support the development of both the business founder and their start-up.

To date we have helped 30+ businesses and look forward to helping many more!

Our partnership goes further; Muneebah Creative is working closely with the Virgin Startup Funded Club, offering branding consultation via Business Advice Sessions for businesses they support. This will be kicking off in the New Year, 2022.

And finally, also as part of the Funded Club we are offering a 6-month Mentorship around branding for a legible mentee within the Virgin Startup eco-system.

We are hopeful of a mutually prosperous and fruitful collaboration, offering new businesses the best in expert branding advice, to help them grow from startup to scale-up.

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