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We are pleased to announce we are now officially mentoring with Allia.

New Year Updates!

Following on from our success and continued support via mentoring startup businesses for Virgin & NatWest Accelerators we’re now also extending our support to the startups at the Allia Accelerator.

A little about Allia

Our founder, Muneebah will be supporting Allia’s positive-impact startups, assisting through accelerator workshops and one-to-one mentorship.

Allia empowers good businesses through workspace, support and finance, creating positive impact for people, place and planet.

Venture support programmes help start-ups and charities to thrive and grow and are run from London, Cambridge and Peterborough.

Allia also works on a range of impact projects across the UK, from modular home communities to help address homelessness to agetech trials supporting independent living for older people.

Allia’s focus on positive impact startups nicely aligned with the positive and ‘for-good’ businesses we focus on at Muneebah Creative. Collaborating was a no brainer!

Through our mentoring journey we’ve encountered many startups that have blossomed into serious businesses.

“It’s a proud moment when you see the startups you’ve been supporting being featured on shows like The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den, recieve the funding they need and then go on to make the impact they intended.”

— Muneebah Waheed

We look forward to continuing our support and being part of the positive change.

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  We are pleased to announce we are now officially mentoring for UK's...